Spot Welding


American Precision Spring has thin sheet metal spot welders capable of spot welding different thickness of material. We can weld steel, stainless steel, exotic materials such as inconel or titanium. Our spot welding machines can weld thin or fine metal to other metal wire or sheet metal plates.

To create heat, copper electrodes pass an electric current through the work pieces. The heat generated depends on the electrical resistance and thermal conductivity of the metal, and the time that the current is applied.

Copper is used for electrodes because it has a low resistance and high thermal conductivity compared to most metals. This ensures that the heat is generated in the work pieces instead of the electrodes.

We can custom make fixtures to precisely line up your parts and components to be spot welded together or mating parts can be self jigged for easy location prior to welding. This can be done by lancing one part and locating in a corresponding slot in the other part; or by boss type extrusion, weld buttons, in part locating to a slot in the other. This type of design can often eliminate the need for external fixtures.