Four Slide

Our four slide department has one of the best teams of qualified tool and die makers anywhere. Four slide tooling is CAD designed and made in house to guarantee quality four slide parts that will consistently and reliably make tens of thousands of parts. Our four slides enable us to manufacture precision sheet metal and wire forms at a competitive price while maintaining our legendary quality. Four slide tooling must be designed to withstand the punishment of hundreds of thousands of cycle. Our progressive die tooling is second to none and assures an excellent part every time.

Punch Press

Our punch press department also is built around tool makers with decades of experience in the tool and die trade to assure your parts will be of the highest quality. Progressive punch press die making is an art that takes special talent and many years of experience. Our talented punch press team will review your part design to assure manufacturability and quality, ensuring uninterrupted production runs to the highest quality standards.

Precision Springs

At American Precision Spring, we have people with over 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing all types of springs – compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, precision leaf springs, flat springs, clock springs and others. Material for all springs is certified and of the highest quality – whether it’s music wire, stainless steel, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, inconel, or other materials. We work closely with plating businesses to provide finished parts to your specification.

Sheet metal Parts & Wire Forms

Secondary departments are the proving ground for prototype and pre-production runs of wire forms and precision sheet metal parts. We have the ability to make quality tooling to help our customers establish manufacturability of their prototype before running large production quantities in the four slide or punch press departments. Our secondary department personnel take pride in their decades of experience and knowledge in wire formed parts, and precision sheet metal parts.

Inspection Department – Quality Springs & Parts Since 1979

No spring manufacturing company would be able to provide the quality demanded in the aerospace, computer, medical or high tech communications industries without a well established and professionally run quality control department. At American Precision Spring, we adhere to MI L-I-45208A specifications and can provide first article report, final inspection report, material certifications, certificate of conformity, plating certifications, and lot control that are demanded for a quality part. As a world-leading spring manufacturer, our standard is zero defects, and that standard starts with the personnel on the shop floor. Each person in every department is capable of inspecting their springs and parts, whether it is for first article set ups or for production. We maintain quality control records for every shop order on permanent file. Our reputation as a precision spring manufacturer has been built on our quality for over 25 years.