Four Slide Products


Four slide machinery can produce complex sheet metal and wire form products quicker and cheaper than other methods. Four slide stamping is commonly used on products that require efficient, high volume parts with forms required being done in the four slide area after the punching station.

Our precision four slide equipment does the work of multiple small punch presses and can cut manufacturing turnaround times and overall production costs for your custom parts.

Our four slide department has one of the best teams of qualified tool and dies makers anywhere. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that our four slide machinery is dialed in to deliver exacting results at a competitive price.

American Precision Spring can use a number of different materials with four slides stamping, including sheet metal and various types of wire, and our tooling is designed to withstand the high volume punishment of four slide manufacturing, so you always get consistent part quality.

Our goal is to be your number one four slide stamping supplier. Call or email us to set up time to discuss your part specifications and to find out if four slide stamping is the right solution for you.

Four slide stamping can offer several benefits over the traditional punch press, including lower manufacturing and production costs, more flexibility to design change, and faster production times. Four slide machines get their name from the four slides that form and shape metal and wire form parts.

American Precision Spring can work with a variety of materials for metal stamping manufacturing. We have four slide machines with many custom improvements that can handle your four slide needs that range from #00 to #3SF.

Our four slide machines can handle complex sheet metal and wire form parts, and our precision machines can manufacture large quantities of product with high speed and cost efficiency. Four slide tooling typically lets you get your metal stamping and forming done quicker and for a lower cost than a punch press. Our in-house experts ensure that our four slide machines deliver final products that meet your part specifications and quality needs.