Chemical Etching


Chemical etching is the process of using corrosive chemicals to machine away unwanted metals during the production of small, detailed sheet metal parts. Chem etch is highly efficient means of manufacturing the small parts commonly needed for circuit boards and other high tech applications.

Chemical etching, sometimes called chemical machining, produces highly complex parts with precision and fine detail. It’s an economical solution for low volume and prototype metal parts. Chemical etching also produces exact results without burrs to the metal or changes to the metal’s magnetic properties. Chemical etching is an alternative to tooling to prove out your prototypes without incurring tooling costs. It allows you to test out your prototype before beginning production.

American Precision Spring offers full service chemical etching for our customers. Our experienced chem etch team and quality assurance staff ensures that your part will be produced to your exacting standards.

Chemical etching can be a cost effective means for producing both prototypes and high volume production runs. Call or email American Precision Spring today to learn about our chemical etch capabilities and to discuss your precision metal part requirements.

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