Custom Cone Spring


American Precision Spring is a leading cone spring supplier. Designed to deliver a near constant spring rate and to compress to a lower height than a straight compression spring, cone springs are commonly used as battery contacts and in other devices where a telescoping spring coil is required.

Our precision equipment can use a number of different materials to coil the cone spring that meets your project requirements. We can manufacture cone springs with open, closed, square or ground ends, and our precision coilers can handle a number of custom capabilities. American Precision Spring has manufactured cone springs for customers since 1979 our coilers are also equipped with, precision sizing probes, torsion attachments and more.

As one of the Bay Area’s leading cone spring suppliers, American Precision Spring has the right tools to efficiently manufacture and deliver the springs you need for your project. Our goal is be your best supplier. Contact us today to learn more about our cone spring manufacturing capabilities.